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How do I Stay Healthy in My Marriage and My Family


Thoughts for a More Joyful Life. Being successful at anything requires Practice. Families who practice caring for each other's hearts find spending time together a place of calming restoration. Recently I had a conversation with one of our Board members who asked me. What exactly is our success rate is here at the Ranch of Hope Counseling, a five day Christian Counseling Intensive retreat center. I smiled as I gave him our statistics after 7 years of accumulating data from our clients,” 86%” I said. Then I quickly added, “100% of those who continue to practice the tools we give them and continue to care about the hearts of the most important ones in their lives”. Dr. Richard Dobbin, a founder of Christian Counseling, and one of our mentors taught us people only come for help when the “pain of change is less than the pain of remaining the same”.   What an incredibly apt way of putting it. Each of us will remain doing the same things until our life becomes so painful we are not willing to live in that pain any longer. What is so sad is that often the person in pain has reached what we call “click over” by that point.  So instead of healing the source of the pain and finding new ways to continue in the relationship,

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