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The Ranch of Hope Counseling Center offers Five-Day Intensive Christian Counseling for hurting and troubled Couples, Families, and Individuals.

Private, effective counseling in a relaxed, RETREAT STYLE getaway setting, focused on your specific needs and concerns.

The Ranch of Hope Counseling Center is located in one of the most spectacular, relaxing mountain settings in the country. We include beautiful, private lodging for guests to make your whole experience seamless.

The Ranch of Hope wants to see your heart, your marriage, your family be all God planned it to be. Enjoy a healthier personal life. Build your marriage to last a lifetime. We’re here when you need us the most! We can often serve you within a few weeks of your first call.

Our Mission
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About Our Counselors

Each of the counselors at The Ranch of Hope Counseling Center believes that wounded hearts and lives can be healed by the power of Jesus Christ. As the wounds are identified, processed, and healed the person can experience and perceive life in a healthy new way. Strategies are established for the future that will lead to success in life and relationships. The person can then begin to experience the abundant life Christ intends for each of His followers. The counselors at The Ranch of Hope Counseling Center use many different methods to lead to healing, but all are based on Biblical principles and use of the Word of God.

Our Team


Our mission is to provide individuals, marriages, and families the counseling to heal their hearts along with the skills and training necessary to lead peaceful, joyful lives. Utilizing proven faith-based principles and Christian values, The Ranch of Hope counsels, teaches and facilitates lasting emotional and spiritual health with our clients.


I now feel a sense peace that I have never experienced before. A priceless gift from God that has changed the way I live and view each day.

We have clarity in our lives we have never had. These gifts are life long, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I cannot think of a better investment in our marriage than the Ranch of Hope.

I though my life and marriage was over. A short stay at the Ranch of Hope and I had my heart turned back towards the Lord. They gave us back our hope. I am now back to work and having the time of my life.

This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. It was an incredible journey of discovery, clarity, and truth, healing, and growing a closer relationship with God. By the end of the week I was free of all that had been weighing me down.

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