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  • Private Intensive Counseling
  • Pastoral & Leadership Care
  • Other Tracts

The Ranch of Hope Specializes in Five Day Intensive Christian Counseling for hurting and troubled Individuals, Marriages, and Families. Private, confidential counseling in a relaxed setting focused on your specific needs and concerns.

Private Intensive Counseling

Intensive Counseling Package Includes:

  • 15-18 hours of direct counseling time (no groups)
  • 5 days/4 nights Private, Premium Lodging
  • On-line Emotional Assessment (BCPE TEST)
  • Taylor/Johnson Personality Assessment
  • 2 hours of Follow Up phone counseling
  • Administration Costs (booklets, resources, library)
  • Counselor consultation review and pre-review
  • Tools for Success
  • Life Application Material

(see cost page)

  Pastoral & Leadership Care

Why the need for Leadership Care?

The Ranch of Hope Counseling was established in 2004 to answer a specific question “Where could an individual, couple, or family go to for help if they found themselves in crisis?”  We found a staggering amount of those coming for crisis care were in leadership.  Our Leadership Care Package has been created to answer a new question… “Where could ministers, lay leadership, and Christian business leaders go for help to regain balance and focus?”  This would be a proactive approach to care before a crisis occurs.  This preventative care will help leaders avoid burnout, bring balance to the family dynamic, and even revitalize their ministry or business!!

What is Leadership care:

Our desire is to help those on the front lines of leadership create and establish boundaries that promote health and balance for you and your family. We understand all too well the demands of ministry and business, and know the affects that stress can have…. Burnout is very real, and the ripple effect is far reaching!  We’ve developed this Leadership Care Package as a proactive measure to help you monitor the “Gauges” in your life and avoid a potential crisis situation.  We want to equip you with the tools that will help you and your family thrive, while your ministry or business flourishes! Our goal is to keep you in the field that God has put you in, because we believe He put you there for a purpose!

An Élite approach:

  • Tailor fit to the needs of each specific client based on initial phone calls, intake assessments and applications
  • Highly trained staff of Counselors, and Life Coaches with years of leadership experience in ministry and business
  • Multifaceted approach to meet the needs of you and your family
  • Empowering you with tools to be successful as a leader in your home, ministry and career.

What your package includes-

  • 15-18 hours of one-on-one sessions doing 3-4 hours each day starting Monday and ending Friday
  • Lodging for 4 nights
  • Counseling
  • Strategic coaching
  • Assessments
  • Tools for success
  • Focused prayer and reflection
  • Connection time for spouse (re-romancing)
  • Follow up consults / coaching (2 hours)
  • Beautiful relaxing environment nestled into the Wet Mountain Range with spectacular views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  • Complete confidentiality

Total cost for individual - $2495

Total cost for couple/family- $2795  

As a business or church if you want to partner with the Ranch of Hope with monthly missions giving we have 3 levels of partnership-

Gold Level- $200 per month (Leadership Care week Paid in full for one couple)

Silver Level- $150 per month (Leadership Care week reduced to $600)

Bronze Level- $100 per month (Leadership Care week Reduced to $1200)

By faith we are willing to schedule your leadership care week after only 3 months of monthly giving, with a minimum of a year commitment.


Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling for couples in a beautiful romantic retreat setting with exclusive 3 and 5 day sessions. Want to be sure? We want you to start your marriage out right?  Want to resolve some of the residual hurts from your past? We tailor our counseling and assessments to meet your specific needs and concerns.

Re-marital Counseling for couples who have gone through a divorce and are looking to start out healthy and succeed in their marriage. We offer ample opportunity to clarify and resolve any “baggage”, past concerns or issues; so couples can engage each other's hearts in the healthiest manner. We work with pastors and churches of many different denominations to enhance the engaged or dating couple's opportunity for a healthy Christian marriage. We can work with you directly or your referring Pastor or Counselor. Always confidential, always encouraging, always focused on your health. Great for Christian Mingle©, eHarmony©, Zoosk© and other online dating sites.

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever (BFF) Counseling – Bring your best friend and split the cost of the counseling week intensive. Our counselor will work with both of you and you will be a part of each other's healing, at the same cost, if you are willing to share a room.

Sabbaticals – For leadership that is transforming, renewing, and encouraging. Created with you in mind. Providing mentoring with ample time to reflect, reframe and re-engage. Spend 5 days high up in the mountains a little closer to God, give us a call. Let's talk about what this week would look like for you.

Family Life and Marriage Seminars and Workshops designed for various audiences are available by request.

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