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Since opening our Westcliffe location in November 2004, The Ranch of Hope Counseling Center has served thousands of clients, both domestic and international. Our incredible 86% success rate is measured through a self-reporting system.  Using a 1-10 scale, most of our clients report a life satisfaction score of three (3) before arrival at the Ranch of Hope. At the end of our time together, they rate life satisfaction at seven (7).  One year later, their satisfaction with life is usually an eight (8), which indicates that the skills learned continue to contribute to healing and quality of life.
These are results of real clients, real people, just like you.

Be a part of the 86% success rate – Enjoy a healthier personal life
Build your marriage to last a lifetime
We are here when you need us the most!

5 Day Intensive Counseling Program

  • 15-18 hours of direct counseling time (no groups)

  • 5 days/4 nights Private, Premium Lodging

  • On-line Emotional Assessment (BCPE TEST)

  • Taylor/Johnson Personality Assessment

  • 2 hours of follow up phone care

  • Administration Costs (booklets, resources, library)

  • Counselor consultation review and pre-review

  • Tools for Success

  • Life Application Material

Your Cost for this Entire 5 Day Package, including Private Lodging:  $3,295 for Individuals,  $3,495 for Couples,  $3,995 for Family

A deposit of $750, in advance, is necessary to reserve your week of counseling and lodging. You must must request cancellation of your scheduled week, at least 21 days prior to your arrival date in order to receive a full refund. The balance of payment is due upon arrival at the first counseling session.

Payment Options

More Programs

Premarital Counseling for couples in a beautiful romantic retreat setting with exclusive 3 and 5 day sessions. Want to be sure? Want you to start your marriage out right?  Want to resolve some of the residual hurts from your past? We tailor our counseling and assessments to meet your specific needs and concerns.

Bring a Friend Program – Bring a friend and split the time and the cost of a counseling week intensive. If you desire, our counselor can work with both of you to be a part of each other’s healing.

Re-marital Counseling for couples who have gone through a divorce and are looking to start out healthy and succeed in their marriage. We offer ample opportunity to clarify and resolve any “baggage”, past concerns or issues; so couples can engage each other’s hearts in the healthiest manner. We work with pastors and churches of many different denominations to enhance the engaged or dating couple’s opportunity for a healthy Christian marriage. We can work with you directly or through your referring Pastor or Counselor. Always confidential, always encouraging, always focused on your health. Great for Christian Mingle©, eHarmony©, Zoosk© and other online dating sites.

Hourly Counseling – Ranch of Hope is now offering continued support in counseling, accountability, and coaching. Our low hourly cost is only $95.  This way you are only paying for what you need.

Family Life and Marriage Seminars and Workshops designed for various audiences are available by request.

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