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Program Statistics

Be a part of the 84% Success rate!Since opening our Westcliffe branch in October 2005, the Ranch of Hope Counseling has served hundreds of clients from all over America. Our incredible success rate (84%) is measured through a self report system using a 1-10 scale. On average, our clients report a life satisfaction score of three (3) before arrival at the Ranch of Hope. Upon leaving they rate life satisfaction at seven (7) and a year later rate their satisfaction with life at eight (8); which indicates that the skills learned continue to contribute to healing and quality of life. These are results of real clients, real people, just like you.

Be a part of the 84% Success rate - Enjoy a healthier personal life. Build your marriage to last a lifetime – Here when you need us the most!

Celebrating 15 years of Private Christian Intensive Counseling in Colorado