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About Our Christian Counseling Center Near Colorado Springs

Private counseling is one way to help get the solutions you need to your struggles in life. There is never any shame in seeking help. This is true even if you are a faithful Christian. Many times, those who know God has a plan for them feel uncomfortable seeking help during times of marital troubles, financial problems or difficulties resolving issues with teenagers. It is as if you should be able to get through them yourself with faith alone.

Sometimes the problems are too complex for that and yet, there is help available from God through certain people who are available to offer you the help that they have given so many others like you. There is counseling available from a Christian perspective which can prove to be more of a solution than you ever thought you might find.

Private Christian counseling was made for people like you. It offers you the sensitive understanding and guidance that you need with a perspective that meets your beliefs. It is available in a most serene and beautiful surrounding through a five-day retreat offered by the Ranch of Hope in Westcliffe, Colorado.

This form of counseling is done in a private one-on-one way with intense but effective counseling sessions throughout your stay. It starts when you reach out by phone or online. You will be introduced to a staff member who will assess your needs. After this, you will be given an opportunity to have a 10-minute phone conversation with several of the counselors. The aim is for you to find the one that feels right for you.

You will then be given an online assessment which will help the staff and counselors understand more about the details of your situation and your personality traits. This information helps them create a customized plan for your intensive counseling so that you can come away from your retreat feeling better and armed with tools that you can use every day. After your retreat, your counselor will follow up with you with two more phone calls to ensure that you are on the path of total healing.

The mission of the Ranch of Hope is to give individuals as well as married couples and families the healing they need inside their hearts. They intend for every person to come away with the skills needed to carry on in life with peace and joy. The method of counseling is Christian values and faith-based principles for those who attend the retreat.

The cost of this five-day retreat complete with four nights of lodging is affordable. The Ranch of Hope is a non-profit dedicated to helping people heal their hearts so the price for service is always as reasonable as it can be. You can also opt to get extended help for 15-minute increments after you return home.

While the intense personal therapy will do you immense good, you may wish to do follow-ups to work on any additional issues or concerns that you have. Reclaim the love and joy in your life with private Christian counseling.


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