About Us

Dave and Hope Taylor, co-founders of the Ranch of Hope Counseling, in 2004 asked the question: What if a counselor had 1 client unit to focus on for the entire week, tailoring the week to see their hurts and concerns healed? What if we had the time…. The time to talk about ALL the hurts, not worrying about getting back to the daily grid but to separate from life situations for just five days to get back to a foundation of truth and light? At the Ranch of Hope Counseling our program is designed so the counselor can pray and be totally focused on each marriage, family, or individual. Your counselor will focus on pouring the truth of God’s heart into your specific situation.

With over 45 years of combined expertise in Families and Marriages, Dave and Hope Taylor were determined to answer the question:

What could we do to offer hurting Couples, Families and Individuals more joy and health than ever before?

Ten years of planning, combined with 3 years of intensive research and study within the Christian Counseling and Family Health fields led Dave and Hope to launch this 5 Day Intensive Counseling Concept.

Now in our 15th year of service here in beautiful Westcliffe, Colorado.

Celebrating 15 years of Private Christian Intensive Counseling in Colorado