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Ranch of Hope Counseling

We're here when you need us the most!

The Ranch of Hope Counseling offers Five-Day Intensive Christian Counseling for hurting and troubled Couples, Families, and Individuals.

Private, effective counseling in a relaxed setting, focused on your specific needs and concerns.

The Ranch of Hope Counseling Center is located in one of the most spectacular, relaxing mountain settings in the country. We include beautiful, private lodging for guests to make your whole experience seamless.

Be a part of the 84% Success rate - Enjoy a healthier personal life. Build your marriage to last a lifetime. We're here when you need us the most!

About Our Counselors

Dave holds a Masters in Psychology and has over 20 years of counseling experience. Dave is proud to say that he received the Institute of Pastoral Counseling, 3 year certificate of Completion through Emerge Ministries, Akron, Ohio where he studied under Dr. Richard Dobbins and Don Lichi, PhD for over 8 years. Dave has continued his counseling education under John Regier, Caring for the Heart Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO. Dave specializes in the week long intensives and helped pioneer this field. Dave is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Counselors of Colorado. Dave is an Ordained Minister, serving as a U.S. Home Missionary, Chaplaincy Department, Pastoral Care in the Mental Health Division.

Hope has been a Counselor since 1989, with 23 years experince. She graduated with honors from State University of New York, at Fredonia with a BA in Psychology as well as a minor in Communication. She then continued her education through a three year certificate program of Pastoral Counseling at Emerge Ministries under Richard Dobbins. She then pursued her Master’s in Counseling through Liberty University. She began There’s Hope Christian Counseling in 1990 which grew to a tri-state counseling ministry.


“I was on the verge of shutting down; emotionally, spiritually, even physically. My stay at the Ranch was truly a divine appointment, for God met with me there and set me free.”

—Ranch of Hope Client

“We have clarity in our lives we have never had. These gifts are life long, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I cannot think of a better investment in our marriage than the Ranch of Hope.”

—Ranch of Hope Client

“After my heart attack, I though my life and marriage was over. A short stay at the Ranch of Hope and I had my heart turned back towards the Lord. They gave us back our hope. I am now back to work and having the time of my life.”

—Ranch of Hope Client

“I chose to serve as Board member of the Ranch of Hope because they are Christ's love extended to hurting families and individuals.”

—Dave Roever, Evangelist